Sunday, January 4, 2015

Death and Chaos Spell Cards for 52 Pages RPG

So if you’ve read my article on holy texts/codices, you know that the equivalents of clerics in my campaigns get two domains/schools of magic/whatever based on whatever it is they’re worshipping. You also know that I’ve been I’ve been using the spell cards from the 52 Pages RPG, which doesn’t include any sort of necromancy spells. Since I started out today (yesterday now actually) thinking about the abilities of priests of the various Aztec gods, several of whom shared influence over pestilence and death, this clearly could not do.

Looking at the spells that are already in the game, there are already spells written for the clerical domains of “restoration” and “abjuration.” I think the most painless and least game-breaking way to approach this will be to reverse each individual spell in those domains, renaming the domains “death” and “chaos,” respectively. Some of them don't quite translate directly into opposite spells that well (see Prayer vs Entropy Storm), but I think it works.

I could see using these as wizard spells if you play 52 Pages by the book, that is, using prophets (that game's version of clerics).

You can download printable pdfs of the death spells here and the chaos spells here.

I didn't make range icons like the ones on the original cards, mostly because the ranges all fit just fine in the spell descriptions in text form. Okay, fine, it was probably just laziness. Maybe I'll go back and change it up later. I also didn't make any attempt to make the files pretty in any way because they're for printing on cardstock and cutting up and playing with.

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