Tuesday, January 13, 2015

2 Page DMG

I decided to make myself a DM screen and see what it feels like to look like I know what I'm doing. I haven't really used one since playing Hero Quest as a tiny person. PDF here.
Darker orange = faster progression, level cap is 10.
Remember when I said I wanted to keep HP low?
It'll be 3 horizontal panels, with the middle panel reserved for 1 page dungeons and the like. I kinda feel like this, when combined with that character sheet I did with instructions on the back, qualifies as a pretty much complete (playable if not in particularly original) game. Just a really simple, rules light skeleton that you could bolt whatever you want onto.

Except for spells. Fuck that, I'm not gonna sit here and try to beautifully reinvent magic missile. You've probably got your own favorite game for spells, I use the ones from Roles Rules & Rolls Roger's 52 Pages RPG, plus these ones I posted the other day. And I wouldn't say no if someone wanted to use some of  the weirder ones from LotFP.

The monster list is by no means complete and these 22 were selected and written with the help of intoxicants which is why it's in no particular order and there's probably mistakes but it's really no excuse for not having a flail snail (wait are they OGL or do I have to do some obvious stand-in like "thought lord"?) or stirge on there. I'm sorry. At least there's an owlbear. I guess I need to do another "volume" sometime.

There are about 12 monsters on the list that would be totally appropriate in a Mesoamerican campaign.

The desecrator is the only monster on the list that might require some explanation; I don't like hags because they represent mommy issues and treat witch hunters as good guys and that's stupid. I also don't really like the powers they've gotten in any D&D game I've seen (which, to be fair, isn't all of them). Desecrators are basically my version of the archetypal wicked old fairy tale witch, but they can also be male in which case they basically look like the cryptkeeper. That "mark of chaos" thing they have as a special quality has a corrupting influence on whatever the desecrator carves it into over time. It's basically a way to explain fun stuff like fucked up haunted woods or caves where the environment itself wants to eat you, and more powerful super aggressive mutant spawn of humans and animals.

Also I'm obviously going to have to draw something cool and/or fucked up for the front, but I'm definitely going to overthink the fuck out of it and procrastinate forever (probably going through several iterations), and I wanted to post the crunchy part now. Mostly I'm pumped because I hadn't even started this thing yesterday morning.

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