Wednesday, August 7, 2019

SuperTroika: Archetypes Delta

Just got back from GenCon. Had fun. Didn't get arrested.

INVENTOR-EXPLORER (doc savage, tom strong, forge, the doctor)
-signature weapon (+2)
Powers & Specialties
-4 science
-4 engineering
-1 athletics
-1 signature weapon fighting

ENERGY VAMPIRE (rogue, sauron)
Powers & Specialties
-4 absorb stamina
-4 absorb ability (4)
-1 hand to hand fighting
-1 athletics

Powers & Specialties
-4 absorb energy 
-4 energy blast (3)
-2 massive blast (6)
-can store absorbed energy damage for up to an hour and add it to the damage produced by their next energy attack.

BRUTE CANNON (etrigan, darkseid)
Powers & Specialties
-4 energy blast (3)
-3 feats of strength
-3 absorb damage

ELEMENTAL (storm, human torch, swamp thing, post-transformation klaw, iceman)
Powers & Specialties
(pick one elementish theme and stick to it: weather or plants or fire or ice or magnetism or gravity etc.)
-3 energy shield (3) or elemental form (3)
-3 energy/elemental blast/strike (3)
-2 command element (5)
-2 flight (or suitable style of movement) (1)

MYSTIC WARRIOR (iron fist, archer ((valiant)), shang chi)
-signature weapon (+2, no modern weapons) or magic tattoo (+2 to unarmed)
Powers & Specialties
-4 hand to hand fighting
-3 energy strike (3)
-3 athletics

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