Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Roll All The Dice Generators (as opposed to tables)

I made these largely to create more white space in the Kellerlabyrinth room descriptions, hopefully encouraging DMs to add stuff and make the dungeon their own. The goal is to randomize all the necessary (but generic) elements in a way that still produces variety and even occasional surprises for the PCs.

At least a few of the generators are appropriate for general use with OSR systems. I'm assuming ascending armor class because that's what I use. If you prefer descending AC, change the (+10)s to (10-)s & the (+12) to a (7-) and you should be fine.

Most of these are pretty closely based on one of the die-drop tables in Vornheim. I love the immediacy of those things, but they take up too much room on my tiny and already cluttered gaming table. This is my solution for people who think die-drop tables are peachy keen but can't fit them on their D&D tables.

d4 1-cutlass 2-war axe 3-morningstar 4-halberd
d6 (+12) armor class. on a 1 or less, has a barbarian-like rage ability
d8 hit points per level. on a 1, has a musket
d10 level
d12 morale*
d20 silver pieces

*For the other two classed NPC generators, I have morale attached to level. Separating it for the fighter sort of implies that fighters are more likely than the other two classes to be crazy bastards who think they're invincible. A low-level fighter with 12 morale is probably a zealot of some sort, but that's up to whoever's running it. Not sure if I'm keeping it that way yet, but I like it in theory.

d4 hit points per level
d6 1-trickster 2-blast mage 3-druid 4-necromancer 5-oracle 6-cleric
d8 (+10) armor class
d10 level. also morale
d12 on a 1, has a blunderbuss
d20 silver pieces

d4 1-smoke bomb 2-poison 3-haste potion 4-trap kit (already set up)
d6 hit points per level
d8 (+10) armor class
d10 level. also morale
d12 on a 1, has a pistol
d20 silver pieces

Private Guards
d4 hit dice (+8=hit points, combat bonus)
d6 (+10) armor class
d8 (+4) morale
d10 1-hammer 2-halberd 3-cutlass 4-axe 5-flail 6-cestus 7-morningstar 8-bolas 9-whip 10-mace
d12 number of guards
d20 sp between them

Cathouse, Gambling Hall, Tavern or Opium Den
(roll separately for guards)
d4 (-1) Usual Suspects** present
d6 (-1) employees (other than owner and guards)
d8 door quality (subtract from lockpick and bashing attempts)
d10 drinks for one gp
d12 revelers present
d20 (x4) gp value in
(mostly cp and sp)

**What I've been calling a list of 12 NPCs with (what I hope are) interesting hooks for the players. I'm not gonna post the list right now but if you're reading this, you're probably deep enough into the hobby to come up with your own NPCs (or find some online) if you need to.

d4 lock quality (subtract from lockpicking attempts)
d6 door quality (subtract from bashing attempts)
d8 on a 1, dead drop with a secret message
d10 on a 4 or less, the door is trapped
d12 (x5) sp of low-value household goods 
d20 gp of luxury items

Waste Room
(it takes at least 10 min of searching and a saving throw against plague to find anything)
d4 on a 1, this is a nest of vermin. If the room is bricked up, they’ve dug out some escape routes. If there’s a mold patch, they’ve been eating it and mutating.
d6 on a 1, a dead body
d8 on a 1, larval mold patch
d10 on a 4 or less, the room is full to the waist and the doors are bricked up
d12 on a 1, a living human baby. If there is also a vermin nest, the baby is currently being chewed on and bawling its eyes out (audible outside the room).
d20 cp scattered about

Vermin Nest
d4 1-rats 2-mosquitos 3-spiders 4-bats
d6 (/2) number of mutants (if fungus is present)
d8 hit dice per swarm
d10 morale
d12 (/3) number of swarms

d20 sp worth of shiny trinkets

Refugee Camp
d4 elderly present
d6 adults present
d8 children present
d10 on a 1, a pet bear
d12 on a 1, a crotchety old fart with a blunderbuss
d20 sp worth of valuables between them

Thugs’ Hideout
(all these numbers added up equals how much in sp they charge refugee camps for "protection” per week)
d4 enforcers present (2 HD)
d6 (+3) HD of leader
d8 on an 8, one of the thugs is a mad bomber
d10 on a 10, 1 war dog (2 HD) for every 2 thugs
d12 thugs present (1 HD)
d20 (x5) gp value of hoard

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