Saturday, February 14, 2015

More Yoon-Suin

EDIT: Okay so there were some problems with the cover of the print edition but the pdf is on sale now for £6.00 (which google assures me is $9.25).

I have it on reasonably good authority that Yoon-Suin should be released on Monday if nothing stupid happens. It's an OSR style setting with a vague and gloriously misappropriated Tibetan flair. As long as you don't go into it expecting any more historical or cultural accuracy than Forgotten Realms would give you, you're good. It's going to consist (last I heard anyway) of a very evocative Marco Polo stand-in's journal, and all the system-neutral random tables you could possibly need to run a campaign in the setting. Like hundreds of them. Enough that I'm pretty sure any GM who was looking could find something they'd want to use in their own game and setting.

In my last post, I told you that I did the map for it, but didn't mention that it went through a few versions on the way to what you saw in the trailer.

I also never mentioned that I hadn't really done this kind of map before, at least not in public. The image above is from my first stab at it. I kind of liked the weird, abstract mountains (where the yak people live), but it lost all the detail and ended up way too dark when I shrunk it down to the size I needed.

Tea? Semen? Who even knows these days.
I ended up not using these landmark icons because there wouldn't have been
anything to match them visually in the top third of the map.Which kinda sucks
cause I like them but oh well whatcha gonna do.

As you can see, that one was basically just me fucking around with different sorts of mountains. Compare those to the one I eventually ended up going with (sans labels):

The text David gave me to work from went into some detail about what adventurers could expect to find in the northern valleys, so I made a serious effort to emphasize the valleys and ridgelines in that one.

This map of the Yellow City didn't make it into the book, but I think it's pretty cool. The fancier buildings are where the upper crust lives (slug people because fuck you why doesn't your campaign have politically powerful slug people), as you might imagine, and the text really describes a shitload of potential adventures to be had in the ruined areas as well as the dozens of tiny islands to the south (where the crab people live). Oh hey it looks like I scanned that one when it was an early pencil sketch too. Look how big those islands almost were:

Okay that's all I got right now bye.

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